Flight delayed or cancelled?

We'll help you receive your compensation payment

Cancellation: Get your fare / fees back
Compensation: Up to 600,00 Euro via EU-Regulation 261/04
Direct payout within 24 hours
or No-Win, No-Fee service (28% Fee plus. 19% VAT)
Our team has supported tens of thousands of passengers

Three simple steps

Your case

Flight delayed or cancelled? One of our team members will review your case and inform you about your options.


You may either receive a direct payment from us or task us with representing your claim against the airline.


If you have chosen the commission based model, we will pursue the claim and forward the payout to you after completion.

Your choice

Our team will review your case and provide you with two options:

Direct Payout

We purchase your claim and pay you directly.

  •  Payment arrives within 48 hours on your account.
  •  No risk.
  •  We only require a bit of info about your flight.
  •  You may keep your payment in any case - even if we lose.
  •  Disadvantage: Lower payout compared to Commission based model.

Commission based model

We pursue your claim against the airline.

  •  No communication with lawyers
  •  No financial risk - we cover all fees.
  •  We handle all communications, no work for you.
  •  You receive your payout once we have been successful.
  •  Disadvantage: Payout happens once the case is closed.

Your advantages


Receive a compensation of up to 400,00 Euro within 48 hours. Airlines would prefer to keep their money - we provide you with a fair compensation for your troubles.


2 Minutes - that's all it takes. Just provide some flight and contact details and our team will quickly review your claim. If valid, you'll receive your compensation within 48 hours.


Risk free and totally transparent: Even if our team doesn't succeed against the airline, you'll keep your payment: Up to 400,00 Euro in compensation.


Our team helps you transform your valid claims into cash - friendly, competent and worldwide. Contact us and get your payment within 48 hours.

Our Promise

Airlines rarely pay when receiving claim demands from passengers.
As a specialised company we know the arguments from airlines and are very successful in demanding recompenses.

Our promise: If we fail to get you a refund on commission basis, our service is completely free!

Try on your own

Low chances of success, tedious, lots of work

  • Cash only when successful
  • Takes very long
  • Airline may just ignore you


Safe, reliable, successful

  • Up to 400 € without delay
  • Our legal experts support your claim
  • Claimed in 2 minutes

Hire a Lawyer

Expensive, financial risk

  • Money only if successful
  • Communication might be difficult