Common questions

1. It's free to use our website and to request a claim review for your flight delay or cancellation. We only get paid if we manage to get a payment from the airline for your valid claim. As a passenger, we will either pay your compensation of up to 400,00 Euro up-front or work on a comission basis with you, if the claim seems uncertain or risky.

European law allows you to claim your refunds up to 3 years after the flight date.

Just fill in the new refund form on our site. This will take you about 2 to 10 minutes. Once you have provided your refund request we will review your claim and contact you via email with our offer. Depending on the case and how often you check your emails, you could already have our payment on your account within 48 hours.

Airlines and courts can request legitimation from us. We need to show that you have tasked us with reclaiming the compensation on your behalf - and unfortunately, this still requires a tiny bit of paperwork.

We support passengers worldwide - no matter in which country you live right now, if we can help you, we will. The EU Passenger Flight laws apply for all flights travelling purely within the EU and also cover flights starting from the EU. In addition, all flights originating from other, non-EU, countries are covered if the airline providing the service is based in the EU.

You may request a refund online for flight delays, cancellations or non-transportation. The online form is fairly short and only includes the following steps:

  • Flight information
  • Reasons for the delay or cancellation
  • Received assistance
  • Passenger data
  • Contact details (email)

We will send you an email once we have received your claim request. We might request some additional documentation and a legitimation document that allows us to pursue your claim against the airlines.

Once we have received all information, we will transfer your payment or contact you to discuss other options.

The European Union has provided a law that protects passengers (VO (EU) Nr. 261/2004).

Compensation payments are between 250 and 600 Euro. The exact compensation depends on the distance flown and the hours of delay experienced. Distances below 1.500 km result in a compensation of 250 Euro. If the distance is between 1.500 and 3.500 km then the payment increases to 400 Euro. The maximum payment of 600 Euro is required if the flight distance exceeds 3.500 km. The minimum delay has to be 3 hours. If we handle your claim, we will pay you up to 442,92 Euro, depending on your specific flight.

No. Our lawyers will handle all court related matters once we have received your order to process the claim.

Absolutely. Our system will support you by generating an example letter which you could send to the airlines. And if the airline doesn't react, you're free to task us with handling your claim.

No. Airlines are competing in a highly competitive market and want to keep you as a customer.

Probably less than 10 minutes. Just provide some flight information via our form and then upload a picture of your ticket or the booking confirmation.

Yes. All affected passengers have the right to request a compensation payment.

Our team will work with you to handle the transfer. If necessary, we will send a personal transporter to deliver flowers and the payment.

Contact details can be found at the bottom of each page. Contact

If you have been at the airport and check-in 45 minutes before take-off and the following conditions are true: The airline is responsible for the delay (for example in case of technical issues). The flight was at least three hours delayed. In addition, flight have to inside the EU or must have started in the EU. If the flight has started outside the EU, then you will still receive a payment if the airline is a European airline. For cancellations: If the airline has informed you more than 14 days in advance, you will not be eligible for a compensation payment.

Probably not. However, a court can rule against the airlines if the airline could have prepared itself to deal with expected problems - for example, if the airline failed to prepare sufficient de-icing equipment.

Nonetheless, passengers are eligible for service and support, such as Drinks, Food, access to phones and the internet and, if required, accomodation. These rules are enacted once a flight of up to 1.500 km suffers a starting delay of at least 2 hours. If the delay reaches 5 hours, the passenger may demand a refund or an alternative mode of transport to return to his starting point."

The European Union has published the legal foundation for passenger rights in regulation 261/2004.



Airlines want to shirk paying compensation. We support passengers like you in receiving their payment.

  • No Risk
  • Up to 400,00 Euro
  • Feedback within 48 hours
  • Excellent service

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